The Secret Mask

A funny and moving play about a man who loses his memory and finds his son.  George was a toddler when Ernie walked out on his family. Thirty-eight years later, George is contacted out of the blue to come help his father. Ernie’s stroke has left him with aphasia–a speech disorder–resulting in memory loss and garbled words.  To make sense of their past, the two must work through mutual distrust, fractured memories and a broken looking glass of language.

“Engaging, heartbreaking, tragic-comically funny… a universal – and moving – story about a child connecting with a parent.”  CBC

“A wonderfully touching and often heartbreaking story that is also able to frequently bring the entire audience into an uproar of laughter…”  Production Ottawa

“From the opening moment when middle-aged Winnipeg family man George arrives in a Vancouver hospital to see his stroke-stricken father after a 40-year estrangement, there is no escaping the forceful narrative pull of Rick Chafe’s The Secret Mask…. Four Stars.” The Winnipeg Free Press

“This delicate play is a rare combination of heartbreak and humor …. Five Stars.”  North Country Public Radio

“Tender, touching, and tense…. Four and a Half Stars.”  Uptown Magazine

“A richly-written text…sensitive and humorous in equal measure.”  Apt 613

“Heartbreakingly funny…. A beautifully affecting play.”   City TV

“Experienced hands deliver poignant triumph!” The Ottawa Citizen

“Unpretentious, satisfying, and personal.  Humble and lovely…a story that’s as everyday and extraordinary as real life.” The Georgia Straight, Vancouver


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To request a reading copy or inquire about professional or amateur rights to The Secret Mask, please contact:

Michael Petrasek
Kensington Literary Representation
34 St. Andrew Street. Toronto, ON, Canada. M5T 1K6.